Rally Tower Race Yamaha T700 / T700WR


Rally Tower Race Yamaha T700



The rally tower offers maximum expression for a special off-road racing part. Made of black anodized Ergal aluminum  with connection Plug and Play. The rally kit does not require any modification to the fairings and connections of the electrical system. The innovative adjustment system of the instrument plate allows the movement of 40 ° to offer the best reading of the navigation instruments. You can install digital gps instruments or mechanical roadbook with dual interchangeable support. Cree Led lighting system, with 2 headlights 10w 30° wide beam, and a headlight depth 40w 30° long beam, with quick light height adjustment system. Rally windshield made of high strength polycarbonate material 4mm thick. Reinforcement mounting to the frame of the motorcycle. Anti-glare mask in Nylon carbon fiber  material. USB service. Made in Italy. Kit only for Competition . PRICE VAT INCLUDED.   SHIPPING AFTER 30 DAYS FROM THE ORDER. Caution not compatible with side fall bars where they attach to the steering tube. Indicate by note after purchase the request for WR.

Contents of the Kit :

Rally tower structure black Ergal anodized aluminum

Light system :

2x Osram 8w 30° Lumen 2x 750

1x Cree Led 40w 30° Lumen 1x 2600

Anti-glare mask in Nylon Carbon Fiber  material

Rally Windshield polycarbonate 4mm

Socket USB service

Dedicated electrical system

Mounting accessories

Kit weight 2.7KG